Ubisoft upgrades “The Division”

It looks like Ubisoft is making a lot of effort to the 1.4 version update of The Division. They flew to Europe to do some changes with respect to imporvising character balance. As per that post, it seems these are going to be some big changes that are going to affect the overall gameplay.

The Division Update 1.4 screens 2

After Update 1.4 is implemented, every piece of gear dropped in World Tier 2 and higher will come with each of the three main stats. One stat will always be higher than the other two but you can still recalibrate them like before.They are looking to rescale the builds for the characters. As part of Update 1.4 they also are going to bring back the shooter feeling, add more decision making and hard choices when building your character and add more variety to the viable builds.

At present critical hit chance percentage and the headshot damage will be scaled down as they are extremely high. This might give a feel that the game is going to be hard to play with these two main stats rescaled to a lower number. But there will be adjustments made with the enemies too in order to maintain the on-field balance. Skill bonuses will be no more on all pieces of gear. Backpacks, holsters, and knee pads will now have performance mod slots.

Gear Sets will match the same gear score as High end pieces within the same World Tiers:

  • 191 gear will all be made into Gear Score 163
  • 214 to 182
  • 240 to 204
  • 268 to 229

The higher Gear Sets won’t become less powerful, the change in scores will make it much clearer and easier to understand. When joining groups, some players can kick a joining player just because their gear score is too low. At the same time however, if someone was using all High-End pieces, then naturally, their gear score would be much lower anyway as these pieces only come with gear scores of 163, 182, 204 and 229. With the changes to gear score, players will actually be able to use High-End pieces to create different builds and then join groups without being kicked from a group just because their gear score is too low.

Scavenging has also been an issue for a long time. If scavenging is present on the current gear, that stat will be replaced and rerolled. Players need not swap gear for a specific result while they are playing. If Scavenging was made too good, the players might end up in a situation where they would switch to their Scavenging gear before killing a boss. Weapons are undergoing a similarly comprehensive overhaul, with changes to DPS formula, weapon mods and talents, damage bonus calculations, and other related features. Armor is also being changed to reduce its impact and make player health via Stamina. This means that in order to play as a tank, the players have to step up their Stamina, at the expense of Firearms and Electronics.

Here is the detailed chart on the 1.4 updates on primary stat roles

The Division Update 1.4 screens 9

Hence imagine how these great changes will impact the outcome of the game. Every little detail is being updated or rescaled, making the game even more interesting.


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