5 best sniper games with realistic physics of accuracy

Over the years, as gamers we would have come across a lot of first person shooters. Some really good that keeps us involved and some average. However whatever the game may be, there is one things that every FPS gamer would enjoy. That is to snipe the brains out of the enemies. Sniping is an essential skill when it comes to long range combat. Accuracy is always put to challenge when playing as it differs from game to game based on the game’s laws of physics. So here we pick the top 5 games where sniping skills are really put to test.

5. Hitman: Sniper challenge

Sniper challenge is a sub-game from the main hitman series. This game is totally sniping the enemies from balconies and roof tops. One of the best logics of this game is using a silencer. As the mission involves taking oppenents down without being noticed, it serves important to use a silencer while sniping one person, while the other doesn’t notice.

4. Arma 3

Though an old game, its gameplay and the laws of physics in using the snipers here is amazing. The speed of the wind  from the target has to be taken into consideration while sniping. So you need to mentally calculate the point where the crosshair of the gun needs to be placed in order to get a perfect kill shot. A light miscalculation in placing the crooshair correct, will be a costly miss. It is just as realistic as it gets.

3. Far cry 3

Far cry 3 has some incredible real time sniping options. As you will see in the video, there is an option to hold your breath while shooting. There is a reason why this option exists. When taking oppenents down from a really long range, considering the wind factors too, even a light shake or movement in the body could cause a miss with the shot. Logically, when snipers hold their breath in, their body stays still for a few seconds, helping them take a clear shot. When you breathe continuously, the motion of the lungs will move your chest up and down which will affect the shot. Hence this logic in this game is awesome.

2. Sniper ghost warrior 2

This game is totally a dedicated sniper game. Here you need to consider the speed and direction of wind and the distance from the target too. Using these three factors and other environmental conditions, you need to place the crosshair at the right place and take the shot at the right time, to take the enemies down. The challenging part is some of them will be on the move. Hence applying all these laws of physics and taking a moving target down is quite interesting and also requires skill.

1. Super Elite 3

I personally think this is the god of all sniping games. The reason being, it uses all possible logic and laws of physics required. To have a successful shot, you need to consider the speed and direction of wind, gravity – which is a new factor, distance from the target and your heart beat, which is holding your breath in. So you can see now why this is the most realistic sniper game. The reason for gravity as a factor is, it varies between different landscapes. Hills and mountains have lesser gravity while the ground has the highest. Hence the location of the target and the location of the sniper also matters based on the landscape they are in. Also this game provides graphic content on bullets passing through a body or an object in an x-ray vision which is also ironically pleasant to watch.


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