The game and movie crossover

Fox’s upcoming movie Assassin’s Creed doesn’t feature any part of the game’s story. Even the protagonist, Callum Lynch in the movie is different. The movie played by Michael Fassbender has a separate story line and in-game models. The animus looks so different than that in the game, but we got to appreciate the special effects that happen during the spanish inquisition. They are just spot on.

Now the news is that the movie WILL feature some of the famous characters from the game that the fans are familiar with. David Wildgoose told the Entertainment Weekly, that there are characters taken straight out of the games and put into the movie. Wildgoose is the person responsible for leading a team which creates the weapons and armors for the characters in the movie. He added that some of the video game characters will be using the weapons he created for them in the movie.


But these characters aren’t going to be the ones who played the leading roles in the games like Altair or Ezio. He said that they aren’t main characters but very famous ones. This will certainly put the fans into thinking who these characters from the games are going to be. However one of the characters have been revealed as Abstergo’s CEO Alan Rikkin played by Oscar winner Jermey Irons in the movie.

Also Ubisoft have said that they won’t be following their usual tradition of releasing of an Assassin’s Creed game an year. This year, they are leaving the space for the movie to get the time and marketing it requires to give the proper hype for the movie’s release. But imagining from the data collected on the movie, it seems it’ll have all the ingredients required to come out as a good movie.


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