Beyond the vast veil of emptiness

The dark void of vaccum is an enormous place of hidden mysteries. Still most of it’s secrets unknown and as unrelenting as it is, one can not easily figure out the events of the present or the histories of the past. For all that is for sure now is that there are 9 planets orbiting a star in this solar system. There has been enough information gathered on these planets including their orbiting moons, soil nature and ground resources. But what lies beyond is infinitively secluded from the human knowledge.

Galaxies are said to comprise of numerous solar systems and in-turn, the universe comprises of numerous galaxies. By the thought of it there is a massive amount of starts and planets present in an universe. The big bang too doesn’t provide much information on the universes present in deep space. It only explains how the universe actually came into existence in the first place.

Which was why the kepler space telescope was launched into orbit to monitor the cosmos and the exo-space. Using the sun’s energy as reflectors it snaps and locates possible planets that are outside this solar system. At present it is said to have detected around 2000 confirmed planets. The existence of planets similar to the earth among them raised many eyebrows in delusion to see if they actually exist. Do those planets inhabit humans too? Or do they possess other kinds of species capable enough to communicate with humans? The Kepler 452-B, so it is named, is the most look alike planet discovered so far.

However there isn’t any proper technology to actually find out the species of living creatures in this planet. NASA has touted kepler 452-B as Earth 2.0. Though they use the term “earth-like”, the very dimensions of it make a worldly difference, in terms of soil composition, natural resources and also atmospheric composition. And that is not all, there are other planets which less resemble the earth but still possess potential to provide information on other species in existence. By extending the fact that there is something similar to this planet in other solar systems in the same milky-way galaxy, there can be made a theory that human existence in such planets is a considerable possibility and plus such planets are numerous as there are thousands of solar systems in each of the galaxies. And millions of these galaxy make an entire universe.

Coming to the talk of the universe, there is an assumption going on that there exists totally 12 universes in space and they exist as twins. Unvierse 1 and 12 are twins, 2 and 11 are twins, 3 and 10 are twins and so on. And supposedly the earth is a part of the 7th universe. As uncanny the universes are, there are confirmed theories though that there exists more than one. Assuming universes exist as twins, then it can be further assumed that there is a same solar system and same earth in the nearby universe in a galaxy of its own. The mind get boggled in deep thoughts of it. The technology of today doesn’t serve any communication purposes with our coutnerparts. More down the assumption line, if there did exist the 5 dimensions and if they have managed to master it all, it would be overwhelming to see the extent of the growth of their civilization. But also considering the fact that if they did master them, they’d have already come in contact with us and would have also known how to travel a billion light years between universes by avoiding the black holes. Or is it that NASA did come in contact with a few of them and didn’t want the people to know as they wanted to operate like the MIB(Men in Black). Absolutely crazy!!

I just lost my style of writing towards the end in excitement thinking of all these.

Discussion on this are welcome! Let’s get mind-blazed!!

24 thoughts on “Beyond the vast veil of emptiness

  1. All these mysteries are very exciting indeed! When I think of life on another planet, I always imagine something different than what we have on Earth. Evolution is fascinating, so if it is not the same elements and conditions than Earth, there could be great surprises!


  2. I used to love everything about the universe until my brain couldn’t take it anymore. The vastness, the sheer size of the ever expanding universe is so mind-boggling! πŸ™‚


  3. Wow! What a question. One that makes my head hurt. I’m an Engineer and have a good handle on Physics but it’s early in the morning to start questioning the universe πŸ˜‰ great post!


  4. Sometimes when I start thinking about things like this I just get so confused and lost – the universe is so vast and there’s so much to see, know, and learn. It has always been a fascinating topic to me!


  5. ‘To see the world in the grain of sand’… The sky is too vast for us to be seen in one panoramic view. i’m always fascinated with the astronomical studies and enjoyed the post. Science will one day unravel the mysteries of world unknown.


  6. Loved reading this! I love learning about space and the things that might be! If I could ever afford to go on the spaceship they are introducing for people to see outer space I would do it in a heartbeat! This has got me so excited


  7. I like your style of writing. You may have lost yourself a bit at the end, however who wouldn’t when talking about something as interesting as space! I always found it fascinating (even wanted to be an astrophysicist… until I discovered how much work that would take and decided I’d be better off just writing about it and gazing at the sky). πŸ™‚


  8. Wow I had no idea that something like Earth 2.0 even existed! This is fascinating stuff, hope they develop the technology to explore even further!


  9. Amazing post , amazing site all together ! Very fascinating topic , we will never really know …. what are we in this universe without limits ? Still fascinating tho , great job !


  10. I love things that make me ponder. I’m also a fan of conspiracy theory type things πŸ˜‰ Which makes me ponder even more!


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