Understand the fat problem

When the eyes look down upon the body, for many people it always remains a delirious view. A bulge that blocks the line of sight to the feet that also breaks mirrors in frustration. This might have always lead to trying out various excerices and diet plans on how to reduce it. But mostly they’ve all resulted in failure. The reason would always because the problem isn’t properly understood so as to choose the proper diet.

The most common advice is to do cardio and run miles every single day. After days and weeks of running, the legs tiring themselves everytime crying out in pain while the heart decides to suicide by jumping out of the body. The hardwork the body put in will of course have its good effects, but when the change is not being felt or seen which happens to be the most common case, it has got nothing to do with the type of exercise or workouts done but the food. The culprit behind all these is nothing but


The term “calories” is the most talked term out there. It is true that when calories consumed is lesser than that of calories burned a change happens over the body in the form of weight. But fat would still remain. The weight that burned would be muscle and body mass. Removing carbs from the diet would be the best plan.

The body generally gains energy from two sources. Carbs and fats. The glycogen (Chemical term for carbs) providing the fuel as the primary source of energy and fats serving as the secondary. Picture this.

  1. There are two tanks. The fat is the bigger tank and above it is the comapratively smaller glycogen tank.
  2. The glycogen tank gets filled up due to carbs intake.
  3. Excessive intake of carbs leads to a spill-over or overflow of glycogen into the bottom fat tank.
  4. This would add to the filling the fat tank apart from manual consumption of fatty foods.
  5. More amount of fat stored, more energy but at the same time more groggy and bulkier look for the body.


This would probably give an idea of what exactly has to be done.

  1. Cut the carb intake totally.
  2. Every time when cardio or HIIT (High intense interval training, will be talked in detail in later article) is done, the body consumes the carbs as fuel for energy.
  3. When there is no intake of carbs and more workout, the body starts to slowly deplete the carb tank off glycogen.
  4. Hence there would be no spill over, and this process continued untill the carb tank is totally depleted of glycogen.
  5. Once this happens, the body searches for another source of energy as it is not depleted of glycogen. So it comes to the fat tank.
  6. Keep the workouts consistent and going so that now, the body utilizes the fat as its source of energy. This is where actually the real fat burning process starts.

And doing this on a regular basis for a few weeks to months which depends on the body type and varies between people, all the fat can be burned. Then the body looks lean and gains definition.

Stay tuned to know what and how to eat to maintain the body after reducing fat. This would be the second problem, as the mind goes out of control and wants to have all the tasty food in the world.


38 thoughts on “Understand the fat problem

  1. Cutting out carbs is the hardest thing to do on a diet! Living in South Korea it’s pretty easy to cut out most carbs, but with rice available every meal that’s a whole new culprit that isn’t good for my waistline! I need to practice more discipline!

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  2. Why is carb-cutting so difficult for most people!? I wish the secret to losing fat was to stop eating celery or something, lol… I can totally do that easier! But for me, I can actually cut the carbs in foods… I just… can’t stop the alcohol intake 😦 I love how you put out step by step what happens in the process here – definitely sharing this post!!


  3. Not all weight gain is a result of carb intake or lack of exercise. As a mature woman in her mid-50’s, I am finding it harder and harder to maintain my weight or even lose a few extra pounds that I have gained even though I do exercise and watch what I eat. My doctor told me that my issue stems from the age-related change in my hormones and metabolism.


    1. As the body grows older, the metabolism decreases, hence weight maintainance or reduction is harder. So things to improve metabolism has to be done. That is a different topic all together, which i will share soon 🙂


  4. The paleo diet really upset my stomach, as I have no gallbladder, and it was just too much fat. I found it pretty easy to do, though. I think something like the Southbeach Diet could work for me, but it just feels so restrictive without carbs or fat.


  5. To be honest, I wouldn’t cut the carbs out completely. One, because it’s very hard to do that, as most of fruits and vegetables have carbs and second, because you might end up having serious medical problems if you do this change abruptly. I think that 20-30 grams of carbs are allowed per day, so that the body can function correctly.


    1. Carbs is calories, and calories mean energy to your body and hence it is essential in your food. Cutting of carbs is for people who are fat more than normal and are metally prepared enough to reduce it. The schedule would be for 2-3 weeks of no carb diet with workouts. Ultimately the fat would burn out. Then moderation diet comes where you maintain your body without letting it go fat again, where carb intake has to be there. So thats a different topic. 🙂


  6. Great tips and info. I always find the whole carb no carb thing confusing. I never really knew how the two “tanks” worked.


  7. For me the hardest part is getting over the hurdle of carb cutting fatigue and replacing them with foods that replace them. I think particularly if your heavy on them (which at times during life I can be) when you cut them out your body can really flip out initially even if you are doing all the right things – its just a process you have to stick out.


  8. This was interesting…was not aware about the tanks. But one thing is for sure, exercise is important for general health. You broke down the process of what happens to our bodies and why in a great way! thanks for sharing


  9. A very interesting read, maybe I should take some notes on this and see if it helps! Although I am a firm believer of everything in moderation. I don’t drink so that’s not a problem but I do overeat carbs! A lot! Maybe I’ll give it a try xx


  10. Great post. Ive had this problem for many years, until educated myself on food and the foods we eat. What the body needs and when. I now live a happy life eating clean and staying healthy


  11. I like how you laid it all out even though it is hard to hear! No carbs is horrible! But if you want results and you follow your guidelines it will happen!


  12. I know I should try to cut down on the carbs but they just taste so damn good! At the moment I’m just focussing on my fitness rather than the calorie burning and I think I’m seeing better results 🙂


  13. I struggle so badly with carbs. I’ve just eaten lasagne with homemade wedges, oops! I’ve only got another 9lbs to lose by 2nd May so I’m hoping I’ll manage!

    Ami xxx


  14. I eat carbs everyday and I’m not so sure about cutting it out of my diet. This is really helpful especially with people who are struggling with losing weight.


  15. I’m naturally slim and I’m eating a lot of fruits and vegetables. Many fruits are packed with carbs, which means it’s better to eat small amounts. BTW I’m eating last time without gluten. It’s not easy way but I try to avoid gluten. Have a nice weekend!


  16. Interesting read! Like they say, its 20% exercise and 80% diet. It sounds easier being that way round but oh my gosh its so hard haha. Good post x


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