W,A,S,D, Space, CTRL, E, F, shift and the mouse define the basics of a shooter world. The amount of detailing of textures is on an exponential rise these days, along with the addition of Instinctive decisions and storylines making it real enough to experience a character by first person. The game engines, often updated to re-create user experiences are mostly done so as to exceed their manufacturing counterparts in quality and performance. There were many First person and third person shooter games released till date and this is going to be top 5 picks analyzed in every aspect of gaming.

1. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Global offensive gives way too different feel for Counter-Strike addicts with its new detailing of textures and mods of structures, characters and weapons. For example the de_dust2 map features the same but has been given more definition to the surrounding environment including the ceilings and double doors.


This is the place near the T-spawn that directs to bomb site B. As it can be seen there, there are a lot of additions to the scene from wires to domes and barrels lying around which gives a new feel during gameplay. The counter strike fans know that once dead, respawn cannot happen unitl the round is over. This was how LAN gaming with CS was done with 1.6, condition zero and source. Now for GO, the same concept is being applied for competetive tournaments also, making it really hard to play. Gamers have to plan out strategies to strike as respawn cannot happen in the same round. It makes them think, unlike the other FPS. This would be one of the greatest points of GO as an FPS.

2. Spec-Ops: the line

By far one of the best third-person shooter game ever played. This game is about a delta recon team operating in Dubai. Colonel John Conrad goes missing and the lead of the delta force, Captain Martin walker sets out to find him. The highlight of this game is that the picturization of a post-apocalyptic Dubai is over the top, with even the minute of the details coming into play. The scattering sand on bomb blasts to finding dust on the gun the players use, the foggy display of sand storms engulfing the whole city is totally off the charts.


The most interesting and gripping feature of this game is it allows the gamers to make situation based decisions. For example, there will be a situation where one of the comrades will on the brink of death and at the same time, the enemy tries to escape. The player has to make a decision either to save the comrade or to chase the enemy. This is by far the first to have such broad features in making decisions as the captain of the team. So these kind of things make the game so real that it changes the perspective a player sees a game.

3. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Every FPS gamer knows there are many other COD games that were released after this and all of us know when it comes to online multiplayer, this COD game beats them all. The reasons are movements of the characters and the process of shooting down an enemy isn’t sophisticated. It gives a feel of much more arcade than being realistic. Exactly the feature what every online gamer wants.


The game has to be fast and racy. Another interesting fact is that every class of characters in this game have a different weaponry loadout. The weapons can be upgraded as the player moves up in rank. Also the weapon artilery can be modified or upgraded based on the character’s attributes. An attribute called Juggernaut enables extra health for the character when playing on close combat and an attribute called last stand, make the player to take a last second kill on his opponent by switching to his pistol before he drops dead. The Maps are numerous and can be added to extra excitement and also rage quit too if the map is short. Kills are easy and hard, respawn can happen right beside the enemy that just killed your character. As a whole, by far the best FPS right now.

4. Battlefield 4

When it comes to intensity in battle, this game wins it. Battles come both with vehicles and without, also they come in different mode of multiplayer combat. The obliteration mode involves two teams fighting for bombs to explode enemy positions, which makes it a more fun and exciting mode to play. Again vehicles can come in play here, where a player can pilot a helicopter to swoop into battle pick up the bomb to the planting site leaving the enemy behind.


Team Deathmatch and conquest mode become more tense with spotting the enemy and trying to carry the bomb. The battles can be done without artilery too, but it involves full strategical support from the team members for the win. Adding to the gameplay is the look of the maps. They are outstanding with color richly distributed, along with helping the gameplay out. Camouflage becomes essential with the detailing of the meadows or hiding in the tunnels during a bomb possession. Destruction is key in the game, when structures and building collapse on the full when bombed making it a difficult time for the campers around. The other games do not have this feature.

5. Far Cry Primal

Weย  are now aboard for the time travel to the past. 10,000 B.C it is where the players land in the stone age, where things are very Primal. Play as Takkar and wander about in the wilderness to find the lost Wenja Tribe.


This game brings a whole new complexion in comparison to the other far cry games. It becomes realistic when a primal man is put to test by the wraths of nature through a calamity or wild animals. The game is more logic driven when during night fall, the predators tend to attack more when they turn into their hunting mode. It is a game of survival amongst the depths of danger from all direction all the while when the search for the tribe goes on. The weapons are simple tools from the stone age, with blunt knifes and wooden spears making it a challenge to battle the beasts of the wilderness. Collecting wood for the campfire at the night amidst the nightmares lurking around with just a slingshot or spear makes the game more thirlling and also fun to play. One added realism is becoming the beast master. Players can control animals around and use them to help you for the survival. But it takes lot of time and experiment to make alliance with them.

Far cry primal can be bought online by clicking the image below.



31 thoughts on “Taking the 5 best shots of fire

  1. I’m glad you pointed out how realistic these games are. It seems the more realistic they are the more people play them. I like to keep my gaming and reality pretty far apart. I think my favorite games now are computer games that I can play on my phone. Do you think app games will take over the gaming industry? Have you played clash of clans?


  2. These games are really realistic – especially COD 4: Modern Warfare. I’ve always been a “spray and pray” kind of FPS player.


  3. Hey buddy you forgot Titanfall and Advanced Warfare. Those are really amazing, too. Nonetheless your list is also great but it’s sad that my GPU won’t permit me to play most of the games!


  4. Although I don’t know much about gaming, I admire your skill to succinctly describe the most important aspects of the game. Very good summaries that create a picture for even those who aren’t so savvy! Great writing!


  5. These games changed so much since I was in highschool. We used to have 4 hours of programming one after the other and in the last half an hour, the teach would let us play Call of Duty on the school’s network.


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